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Rubber Mixing and Processing

  • Fully Automatic Rubber Intermix to produce the highest quality and uniformity in Rubber mixtures
  • Digitized Weighing system, eliminating errors in the weighment process thus improving accuracy and credibility
  • Separate Mixers for White compounds
  • Head Office Production; Taloja Maharashtra, India Capacity of 10 tons daily
  • Overall Daily Production: > 15 tons daily across Jasmino’s Group of Companies
  • Annual Rubber Production: > 5,000 tons per annum

Product Testing

Product testing uniquely designed around the production process and clientele preference. Jasmino ensures quality control from initiation to finalization. 

In House rubber chemists’ subject deliverable products to diverse environmental conditions; chemicals, heat, electrical fields, radiations, mechanical solicitations, to assess the resistance of compounds to harsh environments prior to dispatch.

Rubber Sheeting Facilities

State-of-the-art Callendering Systems with an automatic Ply layup Doubling to provide continuous Blister Free Sheets.

Moulding and Extrusion Facilities

Various Sizes of Presses and Extruders for the manufacture of a wide variety of Rubber Articles of Rubber, Metal Bonded, Fabric impregnated, etc.

R&D Lab

In house Laboratory with modern technologies to conduct real time analysis of rubber;

  • Tensile and Elongation – Universal Testing Machine 
  • Rheological – Rheometers 
  • Mooney viscosity – Mooney Viscometers 
  • Rubber Dispersion Testers
  • Abrasion resistance  – Din Abraders 
  • Heat Resistance – Aging Ovens
  • Compression & Resilience Testers
  • Specific Gravity  & Hardness 
  • Specially designed facility to test chemical impact and resistance of Rubbers.
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