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Process Piping and Flexible Piping Design

For a piping design firm, possessing essential resources is paramount to facilitating the engineering process. This involves collaboration with experts across various disciplines such as process, mechanical, electrical, structural, and controls engineering. Such collaboration ensures valuable insights into challenges like corrosion resistance, pump cavitation, pressure drop, thermal expansion and support design, flow control, and other issues that may arise.

Jasmino’s team of engineers, with their extensive experience and expertise, is well-equipped to proactively address and design solutions for these challenges within piping systems. From 2D to 3D pipe layout and conducting stress and flexibility analyses, Jasmino ensures compliance with flow rate, efficiency, and nozzle requirements. Our piping designs are strategically optimized to simplify complexity and minimize maintenance costs, aligning seamlessly with global standards for superior performance.
We adhere to standards such as:

  • B31.1 – Power Piping
  • B31.3 – Process Piping
  • B31.4 – Liquid Piping
  • B31.5 – HVAC Piping
  • B31.8 – Gas Piping
Piping softwares Used by us:

  • 2D software: AutoCAD,
  • 3D software: PDMS, PDS, SP 3D.
  • Stress analysis software: CAESAR – II
  • Review software : Nasivwork
JP Flex – We understand Pipeline Flexibility!

Understanding the importance of pipeline flexibility, Jasmino, through its JP Flex line of rubber expansion joints and rubber hoses, offers flexible piping solutions. Our design engineers strike the right balance between flexibility and rigidity in your piping system. JP Flex rubber hoses ease installation, enhance wear resistance, and extend service life, especially in slurry media transfer. JP Flex rubber expansion joints are tailor-made for specific applications, absorbing shocks, misalignments, vibrational forces, pump thrusts, and thermal expansion loads. Leveraging years of practical knowledge, we work with clients’ piping engineers co-creating solutions including

  • Correct placement of expansion joints and flexible rubber hoses in a rigid piping system.
  • Placement of anchors, guides, and supports
  • Using the right selection criteria for flexible connectors, rubber hoses, and expansion joints based on process conditions

  • Designing pipe stress involves a delicate balance between flexibility and rigidity, ensuring a sturdy yet elastic piping system based on applied loads.
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