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Our substantial investments in infrastructure and advanced machinery underscore our unwavering commitment to utilizing our in-house capabilities to meet the needs of customers worldwide. Moreover, our lifting capacity of close to 200 tonnes for a single vessel, supported by overhead and external cranes, enhances our operational prowess and efficiency.


Jasmino Manufactures Inhouse process equipment 
  • Tanks and Vessels upto 6000 mm in diameter
  • Columns of up to 40 meters in height
  • With Shell thickness of up to 65 mm
  • And pressures ranging from full vacuum to 130 Kg/cm2(g)

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • 11,000+ square meters covered area with concrete flooring
  • 5 separate Bays for Light Fabrication, Heavy Fabrication, and dedicated bays for Stainless Steel and other Exotic Materials
  • 55 tons Internal lifting capacity with Overhead Cranes
  • 3 Plate Bending/ Rolling machines with the capability of Rolling Shells up to 65 mm thickness and 3 mtrs in span
  • 2 Dish-end presses with the capability of manufacturing to 65 mm thickness and 6 mtrs in Span
  • Various Machining and Drilling Facilities
  • State-of-the-art CNC Cutting facilities

Handling Facilities

  • Each Major bay is fitted 2 cranes of 40 Tonne and 15 tonne each allowing easy access to lift any equipment upto 55 tonnes inhouse itself. 
  • External Cranes allows Jasmino to lift equipment upto 200 Tonnes 
  • 6000 mm in diameter Tall columns of up to 40 meters in height
  • Shell thickness of up to 65 mm
  • Pressures ranging from full vacuum to 130 Kg/cm2(g)

Welding Facilities

With over 150 qualified Welding Procedures in all types of Welding process including TIG, FCAW, SMAW and SAW in various metallurgies and combinations of metallurgies, Jasmino has the capability of manufacturing and welding the most complex geometries and equipment.

All welders and processes are qualified under reputed international agencies like TUV, BV, Lloyds, etc.

Over 50 Years serving Industrial Plants. Comprehensive solutions to combat degradation in critical service conditions. Complete Engineering Solution provider, to not only design and build Equipment but also entire processes of various Industrial plants, specialising in Water treatment solutions.