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Custom Lining Solutions

With over a half-century legacy in safeguarding industrial plant surfaces against corrosion and wear, we recognize that a one-size-fits-all solution does not suffice. Given the uniqueness of each process condition, a tailored lining and coating solution is essential for ensuring long-term efficiency. Our seasoned team of mechanical and process/chemical engineers invests time in understanding the specific process conditions of your plant, and crafting the optimal lining solution or combination of solutions.

We acknowledge the diverse stress conditions affecting equipment in processing plants and collaborate with our partners to deliver technically sound and cost-effective corrosion protection systems. Whether it’s extreme wear caused by high velocities and higher solid content, challenges arising from elevated temperatures, or highly acidic, or alkaline substances, we have developed solutions for a broad spectrum of corrosive and abrasive materials.

We offer expert guidance in selecting the optimal linings, drawing on our extensive experience, a diverse array of lining and coating solutions, and robust engineering principles. Our specialization lies in comprehending the chemistry and mechanics of your specific process conditions, tailoring our lining and coating solutions to ensure an ideal match.

Our advisory approach encompasses a thorough exploration of various facets, including cost considerations, project timelines, durability/service life, and replacement challenges. This allows us to recommend the most suitable lining not only from a process perspective but also by aligning with our clients’ unique needs and requirements. Beyond conventional knowledge of corrosion and wear protection, our advisory service extends to leveraging the expertise of our in-house engineering team.

We go the extra mile by assisting customers in designing equipment and piping systems, aiming to enhance the service life of their capital assets. Our Wide Range of Customizable Lining Solutions include:

For Corrosion Protection

  • All types of Rubber Linings
  • Specialized Epoxy and Resin Based Coating Systems
  • Glass Flake Lining Systems
  • Fiber Matt reinforced Lining Systems (FRP)
  • Acid and Alkali resistant Brick and Ceramic Tile Lining Systems
  • Self Leveling and Screed based Floor Coating Systems
  • Teflon, PTFE, PVDF, PP and other Plastic Linings
  • Quick repair Mortar Products

For Wear and Abrasion Protection

  • High Abrasion resistant Rubber Lining Systems
  • Reinforced Fabric based Rubber Liners for extra durability
  • Ceramic Tile Lining systems
  • High Abrasion Rubber with customized Ceramic Tile Liners

Our Offerings:

  • Advisory and fully customizable solutions for your specific applications
  • Custom engineering existing products to align with the unique process requirements of our customers
  • Enhancing the service life of Capital Equipment by mitigating wear and corrosion

Benefits to You:

  • Reduced total ownership cost of the equipment
  • Increased service life of your equipment
  • Lower downtime
Why replace when you can protect?

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