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Product Development

Rubber is an exceptionally versatile material, possessing distinctive physical attributes that make it well-suited for a wide range of applications. As the demand for customized rubber solutions continues to rise, so does the scope of applications benefiting from rubber material technology. With a 50-year legacy as a rubber company, Jasmino excels in the development and delivery of a diverse array of molded and extruded rubber products tailored to precise specifications. Our expertise lies in listening to our customers to design innovative solutions, develop, test, and then produce innovative and unique products to effectively address unique challenges across various industries.
From conceptualization, design, development, and testing to production, using detailed engineering in 2D/3D simulations and models, Jasmino collaborates closely with clients throughout the development of rubber products.

Our team comprises highly seasoned and innovative industry experts with expertise in materials, rubber formulations, toolmaking, product testing, and engineering. With a wealth of experience in high-performance products, we specialize in collaborative design, working closely with clients, their designers, and engineers to craft products tailored to specific requirements. Whether the focus is on weight-saving, aerodynamics, environmental considerations, increased chemical and wear performance, or manufacturing efficiency, we leverage our skills to deliver top-notch collaborative design solutions.
Equipped with a fully integrated modern laboratory featuring all necessary physical and chemical testing facilities in-house, along with detailed testing facilities through our partner laboratories, and laboratory-scale mills for compounding and testing smaller batches, Jasmino provides the infrastructure for all prototyping and product development needs.

This dedicated approach ensures cutting-edge research, development, and testing, resulting in unique rubber products tailored to diverse application needs. If you need to develop a new rubber part, contact Jasmino today. We do not impose any restrictions on minimum order quantity, emphasizing our commitment to meeting your specific requirements.
Over 50 Years serving Industrial Plants. Comprehensive solutions to combat degradation in critical service conditions. Complete Engineering Solution provider, to not only design and build Equipment but also entire processes of various Industrial plants, specialising in Water treatment solutions.