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Inspection Services - Audit

At Jasmino we strongly believe in the Philosophy Why Replace when you can repair?

Our tailor-made systematic repair and maintenance program allows our customers the peace of mind of knowing they will never have to replace their capital equipment.
Knowing when to repair a Lining is the key to lowering unexpected downtime and in a lot of cases ensuring increased Life of the Equipment before the Old Linings give way and the condition of the Parent metal starts to deteriorate.

Solving this problem enables our customers to plan for repairs in scheduled Maintenance shutdowns of the plant, thereby increasing the efficiency and uptime of an Industrial plant and ultimately saving Costs in the long run.
Some of the factors that need to be considered before making a Repair Decision.

  • What is the extent of the failure?
  • Would replacing the lining be a more favourable choice?
  • What timeframe is needed?
  • Is a temporary repair viable?
  • If repair is favoured, which techniques should be employed?
  • What facilities and equipment are essential to accomplish the task?
Jasmino Works closely with our clients to understand the right decision-making process to address these failures by providing:

  • Inspection Services: Our seasoned supervisors travel worldwide to visit our clients and conduct comprehensive inspections of lined equipment. Utilizing thorough analytical and practical tests, we assess and predict the remaining service life of your lining.
  • Advisory Services: Following a thorough inspection, we provide recommendations to the client regarding the optimal timing for repairs. We assess whether a localized repair is adequate or if a complete re-lining of the equipment is necessary.
  • Tailored Service Agreements: We regularly take up tailored Service agreements with our Clients to provide Onsite Support 24×7 for Larger Plants and Scheduled maintenance programs For smaller Industrial Plants.

By working together with our Clients towards the goal of a long and trouble-free service life we ensure reduced downtime due to excessive maintenance requirements and equipment Failure, through scheduled and systematic maintenance programs.

Failures and Repair Recommendations

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