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Mechanical Design Services

  • Mechanical Static, Dynamic and Thermal Design of Pressure Vessels, reactors, Heat Exchangers, Columns and Tanks.
  • Mechanical Structural design of entire Plants
  • 3 D Modelling, FEA and CFD analysis.
  • Process Piping design including Stress Analysis, Layout and preparations of Isometrics

Process Design

Entire Process Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and EPC services for Water treatment packages
Package Solutions include:

  • All types of Media and Cartridge filters
  • Water Softening Plants
  • De-mineralization Plants
  • Side Stream Filtration packages 
  • Chemical Dosing Systems

Tailor made and Custom solutions for specific water treatment and filtration requirements


Equipment Manufacturing

Products include:

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Horizontal and Vertical Filters
  • Reactors
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Columns
  • Integrated and Modular Skid Packages
  • Process Piping

Infrastructure at Mumbai Premises:

  • Exclusive Custom Bays for SS, DSS and other exotic material Fabrication
  • Shell rolling capacity up to 65 mm with a width of 3 meters
  • Inhouse Dish end manufacturing upto 6 m diameter and 65 mm thickness
  • 5 bays of light and heavy Fabrication with overhead EOT Crane Facilities to handle equipment upto  55 Tons
  • Capacity to Manufacture a single equipment up to 200 Tons

Anti Corrosion and Abrasion Linings

  • All kinds of plastic linings including FRP, FRV, PVC, PP, PVDF and PTFE linings
  • Custom Lining Solutions for all processes
  • Glass Flake coatings and other specialized coating and screeding systems


  • Over 50 years of experience in the industry of Rubber lining
  • Over 100 formulations of rubber variations
  • Largest Rubber Lining Shopfloor in India
  • Formulations developed by Inhouse R&D
  • Capacity to Manufacture and Line over 100,000 Sq mtrs of Lining Annually

  • Capacity to Manufacture and Line over 100,000 sq mtrs of lining annually

Collaborations &  Partnerships:

  • GBT Buecolit GmbH / HAW Linings GmbH – the inventors of Rubber lining,
  • Rubber Source Inc – Leading Mining Rubber Lining Provider from USA

Engineered Rubber Products

All Kinds of Moulded, Extruded and Hand- built Engineered Rubber products.

In-house Engineering to design and manufacture of Custom Moulds.

Modern Rubber Laboratory with trained and experienced Rubber Chemists to understand the Process requirements and Formulate the Right Rubber to suit various diverse stress conditions.

Products Include:

  • Rubber Expansion Joints
  • Rubber Hoses
  • Pulley Lagging and Rubber Rollers.
  • Rubber Sheets
  • Gaskets and O rings and Seals
  • Extruded Profiles
  • Various other Custom moulded and extruded products.
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Over 50 Years serving Industrial Plants. Comprehensive solutions to combat degradation in critical service conditions. Complete Engineering Solution provider, to not only design and build Equipment but also entire processes of various Industrial plants, specialising in Water treatment solutions.